You usually have three alternatives when betting on baseball: run line betting, game total (OVER/UNDER) betting, and money line betting. Because it merely requires selecting a winner, money line betting is the most popular choice among these three possibilities at online sportsbooks. This is a brief tutorial on baseball money line betting, including strategies for using the baseball betting boards.

A Betting Guide to Baseball Moneyline Betting

Understanding Baseball Money Line Betting

Because most baseball (and hockey) games are low-scoring affairs, it can be challenging to determine a team’s value in terms of point spreads when betting on baseball. This is the reason baseball lines have money lines linked to the similar chalk of that game rather than point spreads. To be more precise, money line betting is the primary means by which baseball lines distinguish between the perceived strengths and weaknesses of clubs on the betting boards. To better comprehend baseball money line betting, have a look at the example below and the explanation that follows.

  • St Louis Cardinals -140
  • Toronto Blue Jays +150

Instead of favoring the St. Louis Cardinals to win by two points, as is customary in football and basketball lines, the MLB odds, based on the example above, will show the Cardinals as -140, meaning you will need to gamble $140 to win $100. The equivalent figure, let’s say +150, is the +2 value that would be placed in the point spread for the underdog (Toronto Blue Jays), meaning you will win by $150 for every $100 wagered on the Blue Jays.

Noteworthy Tips Regarding Baseball Money Line Betting

Depending on which two teams are playing at any one time, the odds on a baseball money line bet might fluctuate greatly. In addition, this depends on a number of other variables, such as past trends, coaching matchups, home field advantage, weather patterns, suspensions, injuries, and referees.

The public who bets on baseball generally likes to back favorites a lot. This does not imply, however, that following your preferences is always the wisest course of action. In reality, the oddsmakers occasionally offer trap odds that are merely meant to bait you because they are aware that most bettors place their money on favorites. Study the teams you are betting on and keep an eye out for strong underdogs to avoid falling prey to such sucker bets. The payout for correctly selecting an underdog is far higher than hammering the favorites.