If you haven’t already, Craps is reportedly one of the easiest casino games to win at. Its comparatively small house edge of about 1.41% makes it far more beneficial than Roulette and far better than Slot Machines.

Basic Guide To Start Playing Craps

What is Craps and How is it Played?

In brief, Craps is a popular and thrilling casino game in which two dice are used, and the various numbers that can be rolled on the table are from 2 to 12. The standard layout of a craps table is to have the two ends be exact mirror reflections of each other. This duplication’s main goal is to accommodate multiple people at a single table. However, in standard craps play, you are limited to one wager and one area of the table arrangement each wager.

Unless other players are concurrently placing several bets on other areas, you don’t need to pay attention to the rest of the table’s arrangement. Craps might be a confusing game at first when there are a lot of bets, but once you play a few games, it should become rather easy to understand. Craps also has a lot of rolling of the dice, which means you have plenty of time to study the rules and place bets before the final outcome is known.

The fact that players roll the dice to determine whether they win or lose a particular wager is what makes craps so unique—and it also happens to be its biggest advantage. This basically clarifies why playing craps increases your chances of winning compared to other games like roulette.

To be prudent, though, you must have a system in place for choosing the best wagers; otherwise, you run the danger of being one of the many players who misunderstand the game’s regulations and place ill-advised bets.

How to Bet on Craps

In a typical game of craps, each player rolls the dice once. A Shooter is the player who rolls the dice at any particular moment. Regardless of whether they are the shooter or not, every player in the game must place a wager with each roll of the dice. The shooter often keeps rolling the dice until he or she “sevens out,” or rolls a seven at the incorrect moment. Another player will take the turn to be the shooter in the event of a “sevens out.”

A Come-Out Roll is the first roll of a round. Generally speaking, depending on what the shooter rolls, each round can last anywhere from one throw of the dice to several rounds. The dealer will turn a small hockey puck on the table to “OFF” before declaring, “Coming out!” to announce the beginning of a new round when a Come-Out roll is about to begin. As a result, you need to focus on the dealer in order to make accurate and timely wagers.

Please take note that while craps betting heavily relies on luck, it also requires brains. When the person rolling the dice is rolling well, all the participants usually win because you are usually betting on how lucky the shooter is with the dice. Conversely, the house, or casino, primarily hopes that the player rolling the dice is not as fortunate. Essentially, this is why you will hear a lot of shouting and screaming during the game, as participants try to cheer their way into a competitive advantage over the house during the rounds of games.

Playing Craps, a Pass Line wager is the most common kind, paying even money.That is, you wager $100 in hopes of winning $100. The time to place your chip(s) on the “Pass Line” table arrangement is during the Come-Out Roll. Following the placement of each wager, the shooter rolls the Come-Out Roll.

The following are the possible outcomes during the Come-Out Roll and what they mean:

  • The series ends when either 7 or 11 are the automatic Pass Line winners. Typically, this is a one-roll series.
  • Craps numbers 2, 3, and 12 are automatically losers on the Pass Line, and the series is over. This series likewise consists of one roll.
  • Any additional number that comes up (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10) is a shooter’s point, and the sequence needs to go on.

The shooter must keep rolling the dice in order to complete the series, even if they have established a point. At this point in the game, the shooter’s goal is to roll their point total once more before rolling a seven.

The shooter must roll the dice again if they roll any number other than a 7 or the point. If they roll any other number, nothing happens.

The series ends and Pass Line bets win if the shooter rolls the point.

The Pass Line wagers are void, and the series is over, if the 7—which we previously described as “seven out”—is rolled.

Final Note

Although you can get a general understanding of the rules and ways of playing craps from the explanation detailed above, your best option for mastering the game is by reading more about in a playing it a couple of times, either via online gaming forums or in brick and mortar casinos.