I’ve said it a thousand times if I’ve said it once. There are multiple strategies to make money from NFL wagering! There’s much more to placing a winning NFL wager than just backing the top favorites each week, if you’re an NFL betting enthusiast hoping to consistently generate good returns on your pro football wagers (because, really, who isn’t?).

Basic NFL Point Spread Handicapping Strategies –NFL Online Betting on Underdogs Made Easy

While seasoned bettors may already be somewhat knowledgeable about backing underdogs, casual players and those who are relatively new to the world of sports betting may not be nearly as knowledgeable about doing so.Fortunately, that’s where I come in, offering my in-depth analysis of all the information NFL bettors need to know in order to profit on underdog wagers.Let’s get going now.

SU Betting Tip

Let me share a quick truth with you, existing and potential NFL bettors, before I begin with my underdog betting advice.One of the most important—and little-known—facts regarding betting on NFL football, in my opinion, is that, around 84% of the time, the team that wins the game handily is also the one that covers the spread; that is, the point spread only truly matters 16% of the time. In essence, this means that regardless of the venue of the game, NFL bettors should focus their attention first and foremost on the team they predict will win each matchup by a wide margin. Whether you’re betting on the SU Moneyline or an underdog, this is one of the most effective strategies to regularly win from NFL football wagers. Let’s move on to the pups!

Home is Where the Heart Is!

Pro football gamblers should look at home dogs more than just the finest underdog selections available each week. Despite winning five straight games as home favorites the previous season, Washington narrowly missed out on joining the elite group of teams that had an undefeated overall record (5-0 ATS) in 2015. These teams were the New Orleans, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Denver, NY Jets, Indianapolis, and Carolina. Apart from the clubs stated before, the New York Giants, Buffalo, St. Louis, and San Francisco were the other four teams that finished the previous season with winning total points as home favorites.

DYK Alert!

Did You Know? Underdogs have more than held their own when it comes to winning the annual Super Bowl title match.Underdogs have now profited for betting supporters in five of the previous nine Super Bowls and a staggering seven of the last five overall, thanks to Denver’s cover over Carolina as a 5-point underdog in last year’s Super Bowl.

On The Road Again!

If the 2-15 season serves as a guide, road dog wagering should likewise prove to be a lucrative endeavor in 2016.22 clubs finished the previous season as road dogs with a.500 record; 18 of those teams set winning ATS records while playing away from home. On the road, seven teams had perfect ATS records, with the Oakland Raiders (5-0 ATS) and Minnesota (6-0 ATS) leading the way.

The best advise I can provide professional football bettors who are thinking about placing an underdog wager each week is to research the teams and their ATS betting histories as thoroughly as possible. Seek for those mediocre teams that aren’t excellent enough to win the majority of their games hands-down but are yet good enough to frequently cover the spread.A few more teams in 2016 will follow in the footsteps of non-playoff clubs like Baltimore (4-1 ATS), San Diego (6-2 ATS), and Chicago (6-2 ATS), all of which had successful online NFL betting ATS records while playing on the road last season!