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The race for the Stanley Cup in 2023 is coming to a close before the playoffs start in April. Most sportsbooks had the Avalanche as the favorite to win the Stanley Cup at the start of the season. Their price was around +380. After a disappointing start to the season, Colorado’s odds to win the Stanley Cup are now around +600, while the Boston Bruins have the best odds at +350.

Stanley Cup Odds Tier 1: Favorites

We are starting this article on the Stanley Cup Odds for the current season with the favorite teams.

Stanley Cup Odds: Boston Bruins (+350)

Stanley Cup Odds: Boston Bruins (+350)

The Boston Bruins started the season with +2800 odds and 11 teams ahead of them. This season, they have taken the NHL by storm and now have +475 odds to win the Stanley Cup. And it’s not like Boston hasn’t been close to the top for the last ten years. But on both ends of the ice, everything has come together for the Bruins, who lead the NHL by a wide margin in Goals For% (63.13%) (New Jersey is second, with 58.69%). The advanced numbers don’t love Boston quite as much, though, as they rank #5 in even-strength xGF at 53.93%.

Stanley Cup Odds: Colorado Avalanche (+600)

Stanley Cup Odds: Colorado Avalanche (+600)

Colorado hasn’t been nearly as good as they were the past two years. But as far as Stanley Cup odds go, the market hasn’t changed them much. The Avs’ xGF at 5-on-5 this season is only 51.00%, which is 16th overall, and their actual GF% is even lower, at 50.55%. Colorado has had some injuries, but even with those as an excuse, this team does not look like a real Cup contender right now.

Stanley Cup Odds: Carolina Hurricanes (+725)

Stanley Cup Odds: Carolina Hurricanes (+725)

With an xGF rate of 59.60% (New Jersey’s is 54.85%), Carolina is far ahead of the rest of the league. With an actual GF rate of 56.35%, Carolina is sixth in the league. The 3-percent difference here suggests that Carolina might be due for some improvement, and their odds of winning the Cup have gone down from +800 a month ago.

Stanley Cup Odds: Toronto Maple Leafs (+900)

Stanley Cup Odds: Toronto Maple Leafs (+900)

The Leafs will always be questioned in the market until they can get past the first round of the playoffs. Even though Toronto has some of the best offensive players in the league and a good defense that ranks 8th in expected goals allowed, the Maple Leafs are always at a disadvantage in goal when playing top teams. Ilya Samsonov is just about average at everything. But you have to have more in the net to lift the Cup. The Lightning are likely to meet Toronto again in the first round, which is bad news for Toronto.

Stanley Cup Odds: Tampa Bay Lightning (+1700)

Stanley Cup Odds: Tampa Bay Lightning (+1700)

With 73 points halfway through February, the Lightning has the fifth most in the NHL. But their xGF is 52.82%, which is the 8th highest. But when it comes to the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Lightning will always have Andrei Vasilevskiy, who is arguably the best goalie in the NHL, as an ace up their sleeve.

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Stanley Cup Odds, Tier 2: Contenders

Now in this article on the Stanley Cup Odds, we have the teams that are not exactly the favorites to win it all, but that possess a good chance, and so they are considered contenders.

Stanley Cup Odds: The New York Rangers (+1200)

The New York Rangers have a lot of young players and a great goalie. When Shesterkin is on the team, New York almost always has an advantage in the net. But he can’t do it alone, and if this team wants to make a Cup run, they’ll need to get more players at the trade deadline.

Stanley Cup Odds: Edmonton Oilers (+1400)

The Oilers haven’t done well this season. They are currently in fourth place in the Pacific Division, which isn’t very good. But Edmonton has picked up the pace recently and is now tied with Vegas for the division lead in goals for (+25). The Oilers have the offensive talent to compete for the Cup, and their defense has been average so far, which could be enough to make a run.

Stanley Cup Odds: Vegas Golden Knights (+1500)

The Golden Knights got off to a great start and were leading the Pacific with a +25 goal difference in mid-February. At 5-on-5, Vegas has a 52% Goals For rate, but their expected GF% is third in the league at 54.86%, which suggests that they will get better in the future. Unlike last season, Vegas should be able to hold on and win the Pacific, and they have enough offensive firepower to make a run at the Cup.

Stanley Cup Odds: Dallas Stars (+1500)

Thanks to Jason Robertson’s breakout season, the Dallas Stars have become a real contender. With 71 points, they are at the top of the Central. Dallas has a goal difference of +41, which is the best in the Western Conference and third best in the NHL overall (NJ has +43, and Boston has +81).

Stanley Cup Odds: New Jersey Devils (+1100)

The Devils have moved up the odds board more than any other team this season, going from +50000 to +1600. New Jersey has given up the third-fewest high-danger chances (444), but has created the sixth-most high-danger chances for themselves (581), giving them the third-highest HDCF% of any team in the league at 56.58. At 58.69%, New Jersey has the second-highest GF rate, and at 54.85%, it also has the second-highest xGF.

Stanley Cup Odds: Calgary Flames (+4000)

The Flames aren’t doing as well as they did last season, when they were in the top five. But with +0.4 net expected goals per 60 minutes, Calgary is still in the top ten teams in the NHL. Even though Calgary has some good skaters, they won’t win the Stanley Cup because their goalies aren’t very good.

Stanley Cup Odds: Minnesota Wild (+2500)

Minnesota’s odds to win the Cup haven’t changed much since the beginning of the season, when they were +1900. The Wild are fourth in the Central Division with a record of 28-21-5, and with 61 points, they are tied with Calgary for ninth in the Western Conference. Minnesota’s 47.18% GF rate is lower than their 51.15% xGF, so bettors should expect the rate to go up. But this team is at best average and has no chance to win the Cup.

Stanley Cup Odds: Pittsburgh Penguins (+3300)

When the odds came out, not many people thought the Penguins had a good chance of winning the Stanley Cup, and their number hasn’t changed since it came out last June. Pittsburgh had a great start to the season, but they have slowed down a lot. Given that the Penguins have a 49.83% GF rate but a 52.33% xGF, we should expect them to get better over time.

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Stanley Cup Odds Tier 3: So, You’re Saying that There’s A Chance?

Now in our article with the latest Stanley Cup Odds we have tier 3 or the teams we are just wondering if they have a shot or not.

Seattle Kraken (+2800)

The Seattle Kraken, who were +10000 to start the season, has been one of the biggest surprises of the year. The additions of Andre Burakovsky and Oliver Bjorkstrand have helped Seattle improve, and they now have the second-best GF% in the league (59.54%). But it was mostly a waste of time, as Seattle is 17th in the league in expected goals for (50.74%).

Winnipeg Jets (+3000)

Through the first three months, the Jets have been one of the luckier teams because they are doing much better than expected. At 5-on-5, Winnipeg’s goal-scoring rate is 53.75 percent, which is higher than the expected rate of 49.61 percent. They are 15th in the league for HDCF and have given up the 15th fewest high-danger chances. The Jets are about as good as they were last season, and they don’t have much of a chance to win the Stanley Cup.

Los Angeles Kings (+2800)

With a 44-27-11 record last season, the Kings were a surprise team in the playoffs. And advanced stats like xG and RAPM showed that LA was a real top-ten team. The Kings’ 2022-23 season has been just as good as their breakthrough season, ranking 11th in xGF at 52.75%. But LA has slightly underperformed its metrics and has the same number of goals as everyone else. Even so, the Kings are tied with Vegas for first place in the Pacific League with 56 points. This is two weeks into January.

Florida Panthers (+6000)

No team has fallen further down the odds board than the Florida Panthers, who went from +850 and one of the top three favorites to +3500 with 15 teams ahead of them. Florida had a weird offseason, and they traded away last year’s top scorer, which could have been a mistake. For Matthew Tkachuk, Florida sent Jonathan Huberdeau, Cole Schwindt, MacKenzie Weegar, and a first-round pick in 2025 to Calgary. This was the biggest trade the Panthers made during the offseason. On defense, there has also been a lot of turnover, which is also not working out.

Washington Capitals (+10000)

Last year, the Capitals made it into the playoffs as the second wild card in the East. They did a good job by taking Florida to a Game 7 in the first round. In reality, Washington is not a Cup contender with the team they have now.

New York Islanders (+6000)

Last season, the New York Islanders finished with a record of 35-37-10 and a goal difference of -6. So, head coach Barry Trotz lost his job. Trotz’s longtime assistant, Lane Lambert, was hired by the NYI to take his place. Even though the Islanders kept most of their team, there is no reason to think they will win the Cup in 2023.

Stanley Cup Odds Tier 4: Longshots

Now in our list of all NHL teams and their respective Stanley Cup Odds we have the teams that are definitely considered as longshots to win it all.

Nashville Predators (+10000)

With a -6 goal difference after 44 games, the Predators are in the middle of the pack in the Central Division. Nashville is scoring more goals than they should (51.92% GF to 49.68 xGF), so they should stay an average team without much upside.

St. Louis Blues (+200000)

With a -19 GD in 45 games, the Blues have been one of the most disappointing teams in hockey. Their 46.43 goals-for rate is supported by their 46.25 xGF%, which shows that the Blues will not make the playoffs this year.

Buffalo Sabres (+7500)

With a +13 goal difference and a 50.26% goals-for rate at 5-on-5 through 43 games, the Sabres have far exceeded expectations. Buffalo is slightly outperforming its 49.71 xGF%, but their offense is real. With 97 goals, they are tied for eighth in the NHL with the Maple Leafs.

Stanley Cup Odds Tier 5: None

Last but not least in our list of the Stanley Cup Odds for all teams, we have those that have zero chances of winning the title this season.

Detroit Red Wings (+30000)

The Red Wings are sixth in the Atlantic Division after 43 games, with a goal difference of -15. Detroit’s offense and defense are both below average, and they have scored slightly more goals than they were expected to (47.43% GF to 45.99% xGF).

Ottawa Senators (+12500)

This season, the Senators have scored fewer goals than expected more than any other team. Only the Ducks and the Blackhawks have scored less, with 67 goals. With 98 goals against, the Senators are also 8th from the bottom. But their expected goal rate of 52.19 percent ranks 12th in the NHL, which is a lot higher than their actual goal percentage of 40.61 percent.

Philadelphia Flyers (+50000)

With a record of 19-19-7, the Flyers haven’t been as bad as they have been in the past. But in the tough Metropolitan Division, where Philadelphia is in seventh place after 45 games, the results aren’t nearly good enough.

Vancouver Canucks (+250000)

The Canucks are having another forgettable season, mostly because their defense is so bad. Vancouver and Buffalo are tied for eighth in the NHL with 97 goals scored and 113 goals allowed, respectively.

Montreal Canadiens (+10000)

The Canadiens have the fourth-worst goal differential in the league at -43, which is better than last season when they had the second-worst goal differential at -98. You have no reason to bet on Montreal’s odds to win the Stanley Cup.

Columbus Blue Jackets (+50000)

Only the Anaheim Ducks have been worse than the Columbus Blue Jackets this season, with a -61 GD. Columbus has a terrible GF rate of 39.27%, but their expected GF rate of 44.91% shows that they just haven’t been lucky.

San Jose Sharks (+50000)

The Sharks have a bad team, and San Jose is in the middle of a full-on rebuild.

Arizona Coyotes (+100,000)

Arizona is no longer the NHL’s most embarrassing team; the Blackhawks now hold that title. But if the Coyotes want to be competitive, they still have a long way to go.

Anaheim Ducks (+100,000)

The Ducks have by far the worst defense in the NHL. In 45 games, they have given up 601 high danger chances, which is 123 more than both the Canucks and the Canadiens. This season, the Ducks have given up 127 goals while only scoring 65. Their 33.85% GF rate and 39.30 xGF% are both the lowest in the league.

Chicago Blackhawks (+100000)

The Blackhawks are cleaning house and won’t be in the running for a long time.

Thank you for checking out our list of the Stanley Cup odds for all teams, we wish you the best of luck when making your bets!