Here is the list of the Super Bowl 2024 Performers, including who will sing the National Anthem, and who will perform at the halftime show.

It is getting closer and closer to the upcoming Super Bowl LVIII than it has ever been before. The speed of a cornerback tracking down a lineman who is limping away after recovering a fumble describes the situation.

At this point in the season, the perennial champions have suffered, Lamar Jackson has enhanced his case for a second Most Valuable Player award, an excessive number of teams have lost quarterbacks due to injury, and the National Football League has offered coverage of Taylor Swift from the beginning until the end of the season.

In contrast, the Super Bowl is never exclusively concerned with the game itself. It is always about something else. Fans tune in to watch the Super Bowl for a variety of reasons, including the football game, the ads, and a number of musical acts that are considered to be of high prominence.

There are a lot of reasons to watch the game, and several of those reasons are the performers who are performing this year. It is anticipated that a number of famous people, like Usher, Reba McEntire, and others, will make appearances at the Super Bowl in 2024, which will be the first time that the Super Bowl has been held in Las Vegas.

Super Bowl Performers 2024: The List

Here’s a look at the Super Bowl Performers 2024:

Super Bowl Performers 2024 Halftime Show: Usher

First on this list of the Super Bowl Performers 2024, we have Usher, who was chosen as the artist for the big game’s halftime show.

As part of the Apple Music Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show, the famous R&B artist Usher will be performing as the featured celebrity. During the halftime show, the musician who is most known for his famous song “My Boo” will be playing as a headliner for the very first time.

However, this will not be the first time that he has grabbed the microphone during the Big Game. At a previous time, he had made an appearance while acting as a guest at the Super Bowl XLV, when the Black Eyed Peas were performing.

After a run of two years, the singer’s residency in Las Vegas came to an end late last year, and according to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the artist considers this performance to be the final one of his residency in the city.

As is the case with the vast majority of halftime shows, there are not many specifics that are available on the internet in advance of the performance. The other side of the coin is that Usher revealed to Entertainment Weekly that his performance will be longer than the halftime shows that have been played during the Super Bowl in prior years.

Even though the majority of halftime presentations are only thirteen minutes long, Usher’s staff was able to secure fifteen minutes for him. However, he has not given any information about the songs that he would perform or the individuals who might appear as special guests, if any at all.

He has also not disclosed any information about the individuals who might appear. It is not always the case that the performances that take place during halftime shows feature a large list of musical guests of the highest caliber; nonetheless, this is often the case.

Rihanna did not invite any special guests to perform at the halftime show of the previous year, and the Weeknd did not do the same thing two years prior. Neither of these events occurred.

Super Bowl Performers 2024 National Anthem: Reba McEntire

Now on this list of the Super Bowl Performers 2024, we have Reba McEntire, the chosen artists to sing the National Anthem in Las Vegas on Sunday.

In addition, Reba McEntire, who is a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame and was just recently a coach on The Voice, will be having a performance during the Super Bowl in the year 2024.

Reba McEntire, who had been recruited to sing the national anthem, has taken over for Chris Stapleton, who had previously sang the anthem in 2023. McEntire has been replaced by Stapleton on the occasion.

In light of the fact that “The Star-Spangled Banner” has played such a significant role in McEntire’s career, it seems fitting that she should take on this role. It was in 1974 when McEntire was the featured artist at the National Finals Rodeo, which took place in Oklahoma City.

She sang the national anthem. Country artist Red Steagall was present during that performance and assisted in financing her debut recording, which ultimately led to her signing her first record deal. Steagall was also present during that performance. Due to the fact that Steagall was there in the crowd, she was able to hear her performance.

Over the course of the succeeding 10 years, she continued to provide performances of “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the National Finals Rodeo. She recently made a return to her beginnings when she sang the national anthem at the 2017 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, which was held in Las Vegas, the same city that hosted Super Bowl LVIII. The rodeo was held in Las Vegas.

Post Malone

In addition to Reba McEntire, Post Malone will also be present for the excitement that will take place before the game. During the first few minutes of the game, he will give a performance of “America the Beautiful,” which is a part of a three-song run that has been going on since the year 2021.

The vocalist of “Circles” is currently performing the song, following in the footsteps of Babyface, who performed “America the Beautiful” during the Super Bowl in 2023. Babyface was the first artist to achieve this feat. Since 2009, the song has been a part of the tradition that takes place before to the game of the Super Bowl of the National Football League.

Andra Day

An invitation has been extended to Andra Day to perform “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” which is commonly referred to be the Black National Anthem. From the year 2021, when Alicia Keys performed the song for the very first time at the athletic event, the song has been a part of the pre-game broadcast of the Super Bowl.

Day, who just revealed that she intends to release her third studio album this month, is the fourth singer to perform the song at the event that has received the most viewers on television in the United States. Sheryl Lee Ralph, a student at Abbott Elementary School, got the privilege of singing it in 2022, while Mary Mary did it in 2022.


Late in the month of January, it was rumored that Tiësto would be the very first in-game DJ to ever perform at the Super Bowl. While the players are warming up before the game, the Grammy winner will perform a set, and they will also perform during “featured breaks” so that they may continue to showcase their talents.

According to a statement, Tiësto has taken the opportunity to convey his enthusiasm about being a part of the production of Super Bowl LVIII. “And it’s even more incredible that it’s in my favorite place—Las Vegas.”

Since the National Football League (NFL) scheduled a pre-game DJ set for Super Bowl LIV in Miami, this is the sixth time that a DJ has performed before warmups. Additionally, this was the first time that the NFL had done so.

In the past, DJ Khaled, D-Nice, Zedd, and DJ Snake were the individuals who were in possession of the slot machines. Tiësto, on the other hand, will be the first of those DJs to hold a live performance during the game.

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