TCU vs Houston Betting pick and odds for this game set for March 14, 2024. Place a bet on this college basketball game now.

TCU vs Houston Betting Odds

These are the TCU vs Houston Betting odds:

TCU +11 +525 Over 137
HOUSTON -11 -675 Under 137

TCU vs Houston Betting Prediction

Here is our TCU vs Houston Betting prediction.

On Thursday, the Texas Christian Horned Frogs will compete against the Houston Cougars in the Big 12 Tournament. From the T-Mobile Center, the game will begin at 2:00 p.m. Central Time

TCU defeated Oklahoma by a score of 77–70 on Wednesday. As of right now, TCU has a record of 21–11 overall, 19–13 against the spread, and 18–14 over/under. The Horned Frogs finished the season with a record of 9-9 in league play; this was their overall record.

Houston prevailed against Kansas by a score of 76–46 in the final game of the regular season. Houston finished with a record of 28–3 overall, 14–15-2 against the spread, and 13–18 over/under. The Cougars earned the title of top seed in the tournament thanks to their 15-3 record in the Big 12 Conference.

When these two teams competed against one another during the regular season, it occurred on January 13 at Fort Worth, and Texas Christian emerged victorious with a score of 68–67.

For the second week in a row, the Horned Frogs were victorious over a team that was ranked in the top ten, while the Cougars were defeated by an unranked team for the second time that week. TCU proved too strong to beat, despite the fact that the University of Hawaii held a 12-point lead in the first half and again with four minutes left.

TCU Horned Frogs Betting Prediction

First we have the TCU vs Houston Betting prediction for the Horned Frogs.

In terms of scoring, Texas Christian ranks 39th with an average of 80.4 points per game. They shoot 47.4 percent of the time, which places them in the 46th position, and they shoot 36.4% of the time from outside the line, which places them in the 58th position.

The percentage of free throws that TCU makes is 73.0%, which places them 129th in the nation. In addition, they rank 104th in terms of average boards (33.6), 17.4 assists (17.4), and turnovers (12.7) per game, respectively, which places them in the 11th position.

The Horned Frogs allow 71.6 points per game, which is 170th, on 44.6 percent shooting, which is 233rd, including 32.5 percent from three-point range, which is 118th. The Horned Frogs also allow 234.4 percent shooting from the field. Moreover, they allow 28.9 rebounds per game, which places them in the 33rd spot. After committing 17.6 fouls (ranked 243rd) and 3.8 blocks (ranked 111th), TCU is able to secure a game.

From KenPom’s perspective, Texas Christian University is the 33rd greatest institution in the US. The adjusted schedule has the Horned Frogs in the 31st position for offensive efficiency, the 38th position for defensive efficiency, and the 63rd position for pace.

Houston Cougars Betting Prediction

Now we have the TCU vs Houston Betting prediction for the Cougars.

As a result of shooting 43.8 percent (240th), Houston averages 74.2 points per game, which places them in the 165th position. Their percentage of shots made from beyond the arc is 34.8 percent, which places them in the 135th position.

UH has a free throw percentage of 68.7%, which places it in the 298th position. Additionally, the team averages 35.0 rebounds, 13.1 assists, and 8.7 turnovers per game.

The Cougars have the highest point average in the nation, allowing 56.9 points per game to their opponents. The average number of boards they allow each game is 29.0, which places them 37th among all teams in the country. The University of Hawaii averages 17.9 fouls (265th) and 4.7 blocks (32nd) per game. They also steal 10.3 balls, which places them fourth.

In the opinion of KenPom, Houston is the best city in the United States. The altered schedule has the Cougars in the 349th position in terms of speed and the 11th position in terms of offensive effectiveness. They have the highest defensive efficiency of any team.

Houston Cougars Betting  Pick

When these two teams played earlier this season, the Cougars were ahead by more than ten points, but they couldn’t finish off the Horned Frogs.

They had the opportunity to return to the place. TCU was able to keep up with the competition because to their 14 offensive rebounds, but they couldn’t win the paint game by a score of 40–28.

While the Horned Frogs were successful in making the majority of their three-point shots (8/15), the Cougars were unsuccessful in four out of eighteen attempts. Who can anticipate what will happen to those who bet on playoff games on Thursday?

Following their defeat at the hands of TCU, Texas has won 14 consecutive games. It has won nine games in a row, but for the past 10 games, it has a record of 3-6-1 against the spread.

After a resounding victory over Kansas, it is in good health and has had some time to recover. Texas Christian University handily won its first game in the playoffs by a score of seven points, going ahead by as many as 19 points and then falling behind by only one point. However, it did not perform very well in its most recent games, ending up losing four of its most recent six games in a row.

Although it appeared that TCU had a successful victory over Oklahoma, it is highly unlikely that the Horned Frogs will be able to keep up with the Cougars throughout the entirety of Thursday’s game.

In the second game, Houston’s defense will be tight around the perimeter, and they won’t have as much trouble shooting from outside the hoop as they did in the first game.

However, TCU will not be able to keep up for the next forty minutes. The number of points they score in the paint will be sufficient to keep the score close for a period of time.

The Horned Frogs are not likely to take care of the ball, which is something that Houston excels at, reaching the fourth spot in terms of the number of mistakes made each game. For the day of Wednesday, they flipped it over sixteen times.

The Cougars will pull off a victory and cover the spread, which will provide them with a boost as they prepare to compete in the March Madness Final Four.

  • Houston Cougars Betting Pick: Houston covers

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