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The No. 4 Tennessee Volunteers (21-6 SU, 12-3 SEC) will travel to Tuscaloosa on Saturday at 8 p.m. Eastern Time to take on the No. 14 Alabama Crimson Tide (19-8 SU, 12-3 SEC). The game is for the right to win the SEC championship.

The game between these two teams took place in Knoxville on January 20. The Vols prevailed with a score of 91–71. During the game, Vols Wing Dalton Knecht made 8 of 20 shots (1-6 three-pointers) and scored 25 points for the team. Even though he scored 22 points for Alabama, Mark Sears was responsible for seven turnovers of the ball this season.

Tennessee vs Alabama Betting Odds

Here are the Tennessee vs Alabama Betting odds:

TENNESSEE +3 +140 Over 170.5
-3 -160 Under 170.5

Tennessee vs Alabama Betting Previews

Here are the Tennessee vs Alabama Betting previews for both teams.

Knecht carries Vols over Tigers

Most people believed that Dalton Knecht would be an excellent addition to the team as a shot in the mix when Rick Barnes brought him in from Northern Colorado during the offseason. Tennessee defeated Auburn by a score of 92–84 on February 28 thanks to the senior senior who stands 6 feet 6 inches tall. During the final twelve minutes of the game, he scored 25 of those points.

Thirteen consecutive home victories against AP top-25 teams (nine of which were against top-15 opponents) set a record for Tennessee in the Southeastern Conference. In the past eight games, they have won seven of them, and they have won five games in a row.

From the field, Knecht made 12 of 21 shots, and from beyond the hoop, he made 5 of 8 shoots at the basket. From the field, the Vols were successful in 51% of their shots, and they were successful in 53% (9-17) of their long range shots. Not only did Zakai Zeigler score 17 points, but he also had nine assists.

In preparation for the NCAA Tournament, Tennessee is in excellent shape.According to Joe Lunardi’s most recent Bracketology report, they are the second seed in the South. It is the second seed overall.

They finished in fifth position in the NCAA Net Rankings after a record of five wins and five defeats versus teams from the Quad 1 division.Both Adjusted Offensive Efficiency and Adjusted Defensive Efficiency place the Vols in the 19th and 4th positions, respectively.

Knecht has improved his standing in a number of NBA mock selections. To lead the Vols, he has a scoring average of 20.8 points, 4.9 rebounds, and a shooting percentage of 48.2% from the field and 41.4% from long range.

The 6-11, 241-pound Jonas Aidoo has a scoring average of 12.1 points, 7.6 rebounds, 1.9 blocked shots, and a shooting percentage of 54.4%. The average number of points allowed by Tennessee is 80.7, which places them 36th in the nation.

The field is where they shoot 45.8%, whereas long range is where they shoot 34.9%. Over the course of the game, they allowed their opponents to score 67.2 points, with 38.3% shooting (third) and 31.1% from long range. It has a Rebound Rate of 52.9%, which places it 47th in the country.

Alabama has no issues scoring the ball

The fact that Alabama averages 91.5 points per game, which is the highest in the nation, indicates that scoring is not the primary issue that they face. A loss to Auburn by 18 points last Saturday resulted in them giving up 99 points, and a loss to Kentucky resulted in them giving up 117 points.

Over the past 10 games, they have won eight of them, and in the previous five games, they have won four of them. As their final game, which took place on Wednesday, they traveled to Ole Miss to compete against them.

At halftime, the Tide were trailing by three points; however, they scored 64 points in the second half and ultimately prevailed in the game by a score of 103–88. During the game, Alabama’s backcourt played exceptionally well.

He ended with 18 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists, while Mark Sears finished with 26 points. Hofstra finished with 10 assists. It was the third time in the history of the school that Aaron Estrada had a triple-double.

Ole Miss was successful in 52 percent of their field goal attempts, but they were also unsuccessful in 14 of their shots. The Rebels had 31 rebounds, while Alabama had 36. Alabama’s field goal percentage was 50%, and they had 36 rebounds.

For the Crimson Tide, the NCAA Net Rankings position them in sixth place, and Lunardi has them ranked as the third seed in the Western Conference. With this, they are in a strong position to compete in the NCAA Tournament.

Sears averages 20.6 points per game, assists 4.1 times, steals 1.8 times, rebounds 4.3 times, and shoots 51.1% from the field; these are all team statistics. In order for Estrada to make 13.3 points, 5.3 rebounds, and 4.5 assists, an average of 46.2% of his shots are successful.

Latrell Wrightsell Jr. is uncertain about his ability to play due to the head injury he sustained. Due to the fact that he has been absent from the previous two games, he has only managed to score 9.0 points per game and make 44.5% of his three-point shots thus far this season.

Their defensive unit allows 79.2 points per game, with a shooting percentage of 43.9% (32.1%). The club has a field goal percentage of 48.4%, a three-point percentage of 38.1% (13th), and a free throw percentage of 79.1%. With a rate of return of 53.4 percent, it is the 36th best rate.

Best Bet for this Game

The Crimson Tide, who have a record of 13-1 at home, will get back at you, despite the fact that it should be a pleasant time. In that first game, Alabama only made four of twenty-one jumpers from beyond the line, which is a 19% success rate. The backcourt players Sears and Estrada only made 11 of their 21 shots and turned the ball over nine times. Only 11 of their shots were successful.

The fact that Alabama is playing at home, where they have a 41.1% three-point shooting percentage, means that you can anticipate them to shoot significantly better. In March, they will suffer their first loss due to the fact that they are unable to stop three-point shots while they are away from home (37.2% of the time).

Prediction: Alabama -2.5

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