Texans at Falcons Week 5 Betting preview, including predictions and best bets for this game that is set to take place on October 8, 2023.

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Week 5 betting odds for the Texans vs. Falcons

Week 5 betting odds for the Texans vs. Falcons:

Atlanta Falcons -2, Houston Texans +2
Texans at Falcons Week 5 Betting Predictions: 41.5 Total

These are the Week 5 betting predictions for the Texans vs. Falcons game.

Week 5 betting prediction for the Texans vs. Falcons: Houston

Here is Houston’s Week 5 betting prediction for the Texans vs. Falcons.

Going into this game, the Houston Texans are 2-2 on the year. The Texans defeated the Steelers in their most recent game, 30-6. The final game stats for C.J. Stroud were 16 of 30 for 306 yards and 2 touchdowns. He played the entire game without throwing an error and had a QB rating of 111.2.

Nico Collins averaged 24.0 yards per catch while catching 7 passes for a total of 168 yards. Dameon Pierce led the Texans in rushing with 24 carries for 81 yards (3.4 yards per attempt). On that particular day, they ran 69 plays for a total of 451 yards.

Averaging 3.7 yards per carry, the Houston Texans ran the ball 38 times for a total of 139 yards. The Texans gave up 114 total yards in the battle at the line of scrimmage, averaging 4.6 yards per rush. The opposition team was allowed by Houston to complete 18 of 28 passes for 111 yards, a completion percentage of 64.3%.

The Houston Texans score 24.0 points per game on average. They rank 26th in the league in terms of average game running yardage with 87.3. This year, the Texans have gained a total of 1,474 yards. Although Houston’s offense has produced 56 first downs, they have lost 246 yards as a result of 28 penalties.

They have “fumbled” twice by handing the ball to the opposing squad. Houston has scored 7 aerial touchdowns and 1 ground touchdown, for a total of 8 touchdowns.

The Texans are currently ranked ninth in the league after giving up 781 yards via the air. Only 71.2% of their passes are completed, and they surrender 195.3 yards in the air per game. They rank 13th in the NFL for overall defense with 311.8 yards allowed per game.

They are allowing teams to gain an average of 116.5 yards per game and 4.4 yards per carry this season. They have allowed 466 yards on the run in 4 games this season. The Texans’ defense, which surrenders 19.8 points per game, is ranked 11th in the NFL.

Texas Insights for Betting

In 2023, Houston has already beaten the spread twice.
The Texans have covered the spread twice in three attempts this season when they were underdogs by two points or more.
In two of Houston’s four games this season, more points than necessary were scored (50%)
Houston was the underdog in three games this season, and they won two (66.7%) of those games.
The Texans are 2-1 in games that they have started as underdogs by +110 or more this season.

Houston’s Stats & Performance

Stat Average (Total) Rank
Pass yards 281.3 (1,125) 4
Rush yards 87.3 (349) 26
Points scored 24.0 (96) 15
Pass yards against 195.3 (781) 9
Rush yards against 116.5 (466) 19
Points allowed 19.8 (79) 11

Week 5 betting prediction for the Texans vs. Falcons: Atlanta

Here is Atlanta’s Week 5 betting prediction for the Texans vs. Falcons game.

The Falcons enter this match with a record of 2-2 for the year. The Falcons suffered a 23-7 loss to the Jaguars in their most recent contest. Bijan Robinson of Atlanta carried the ball 14 times for 105 yards, averaging 7.5 yards per carry. The passing game for the Falcons included Jonnu Smith significantly.

For a total of 95 yards on 6 receptions, he averaged 15.8 yards per catch. In the contest, Desmond Ridder passed for 191 yards and one score. His quarterback rating was 62.7, and he completed 19 of his 31 throws. The average distance of each pass he attempted was 6.2 yards, and he made two mistakes.

The opposition team was allowed to run the ball 32 times for 105 yards (3.3 yards per rush) by Atlanta. The pass defense of the Falcons allowed 23 of 30 passes to be completed for 195 yards and a 76.7% completion rate. The game was won by the Falcons after 57 plays for a total of 287 yards (5.0 yards per play). 22 runs for 127 yards, or 5.8 yards per carry, were made by Atlanta.

The Atlanta Falcons rank 24th among all NFL teams in terms of average game yardage with 284.3. They have rushed for 512 yards overall and 128 yards on average each game. They have managed to gain 36 first downs despite throwing 3 interceptions and losing 2 fumbles.

19 errors by the Atlanta offense lost them 227 yards in total. They are ranked 29th in the league as a result of their errors. The Falcons have thrown for an average of 156.3 yards per game while passing for a total of 625 yards so far this season. In terms of NFL clubs, this places them in 32nd position. The Falcons are 25th in the league for scoring offense with an average of 15.5 points per game.

The Falcons are 10th in the league in terms of the 19.3 points they allow per game. They are now ranked sixth in football with 176.3 yards and 6 passing touchdowns allowed per game. This year, Atlanta has allowed 458 rushing yards (114.5 yards per game) and one touchdown.

The defense of the Falcons has participated in 247 plays, ranking them as the 11th most active squad in the league. Their defense has resulted in 4 turnovers this season: 1 lost ball and 3 interceptions. They have lost 77 points overall.

Falcons Gambling Tips

Atlanta has only once overcome the odds this season.
The Falcons have only successfully covered the spread once (in two tries) this season when they were favored by two points or more.
In Atlanta’s games this season, the over has been reached four times, or 25%.
Atlanta has only been the moneyline favorite twice all season, and both times they have won.
The Falcons have only been a moneyline favorite of -130 or fewer in two games this season, and both of those contests have resulted in victories.

Atlanta’s Stats & Performance

Stat Average (Total) Rank
Pass yards 156.3 (625) 32
Rush yards 128.0 (512) 11
Points scored 15.5 (62) 25
Pass yards against 176.3 (705) 5
Rush yards against 114.5 (458) 17
Points allowed 19.3 (77) 10

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