Texans at Ravens AFC Playoffs Betting odds and predictions for this game set for Saturday, January 20th, 2024. Place a bet on this game with the latest odds at YouWager.lv.

Texans at Ravens AFC Playoffs Betting Odds

Here are the Texans at Ravens AFC Playoffs Betting Odds:

HOUSTON TEXANS +9 +330 Over 43.5
BALTIMORE RAVENS -9 -430 Under 43.5

Ravens -9 and Texans +9 are the live betting odds. Baltimore -430 / KC +330 is the moneyline, and the total is 43.5.

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AFC Playoffs Betting Prediction: Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens had a record of 13-4 for the season as of the beginning of the game. The final game that the Ravens played on the field was against the Steelers, and they experienced a defeat by a score of 17–10. At the end of the game, Tyler Huntley finished with 146 yards passing in the air on 15 of 28 throws, earning him a quarterback rating of 80.4. He also scored one touchdown.

During the game, he had an average completion rate of 5.2 yards per ball attempt and did not throw any interceptions. In terms of the passing game, the Ravens made heavy use of Nelson Agholor; he had five receptions for a total of 39 yards, which is equivalent to 7.8 yards per reception.

Gus Edwards finished the game with a 4.8 yard average for Baltimore, gaining 48 yards on ten carries. He finished the game with a touchdown. With 57 plays and 224 yards, the Ravens were able to win the game, which is equivalent to 3.9 yards per play. All things considered, Baltimore finished the game with 106 yards on 25 tries, which is an average of 4.2 yards per attempt.

During the 39 attempts on the ground, Baltimore gave up 155 yards, which is equivalent to 4.0 yards per run. The pass defense of the Ravens allowed opposing quarterbacks to complete 18 of 20 throws through the air, resulting in a completion rate of 90.0%.

The Baltimore Ravens bring in 28.4 points per game, which places them in fourth place among all of the National Football League clubs in terms of points scored. This season, the Ravens have thrown for 3,635 yards via the air, which has helped them move up to the 21st spot in the National Football League. Moreover, when they throw, they throw for an average of 213.8 yards per game.

Through the use of the ball, they have amassed 2,661 yards so far this season, with an average of 156.5 yards gained through rushing each game. Among all of the National Football League clubs, the Baltimore Ravens have the sixth-best average of 370.4 yards per game.

With 955 yards of penalties on 102 infractions, the Baltimore offense ranks tenth at the national level in terms of the amount of damage it causes to your team. On top of that, they have thrown seven interceptions, lost 12 fumbles, and accumulated 180 first downs.

Because they have allowed 18 passing game touchdowns and 191.9 yards per game, they came in sixth place in the league. The Baltimore Ravens have allowed a total of 1,860 rushing yards (109.4 yards per game) and six touchdowns through the ground game throughout the season. During this season, they have allowed a total of 280 points scored against them.

With 13 fumbles recovered and 18 interceptions, they have accumulated 31 turnovers throughout the year. When it comes to the number of plays played (1,109), the defense of the Ravens ranks 28th in the NFL. The Ravens have the highest points allowed per game of any club in the league, at 16.5, which puts them in first place.

Ravens Betting Insights

  • Against the spread, Baltimore has a record of 11-6-0 so far this season.
  • During this season, the Baltimore Ravens have only won two games when they were the underdog by nine points or more.
  • The overall number of games played in Baltimore this year has exceeded the total in eight of the seventeen games played there (47.1%).
  • This season, Baltimore has a perfect record against the spread when they are playing at home as nine-point favorites or above.
  • Throughout this season, the Ravens and their opponents have scored an average of 42.4 points per home game. This is 1.1 points lower than the total that was expected for this particular game.
  • On the moneyline, Baltimore has a record of 11-3 and has won 78.6% of the games in which they were the favorite.
  • The Ravens have only been a moneyline favorite of -410 or less in two games during the course of this season, and both of those games have been in victory for the Ravens.

Baltimore’s Stats & Performance

Stat Average (Total) Rank
Pass yards 213.8 (3,635) 21
Rush yards 156.5 (2,661) 1
Points scored 28.4 (483) 4
Pass yards against 191.9 (3,263) 6
Rush yards against 109.4 (1,860) 14
Points allowed 16.5 (280) 1

AFC Playoffs Betting Prediction: Houston Texans

As of the beginning of this game, the Houston Texans have a record of 11-7 for the season. The final result of the AFC Wildcard game between the Browns and the Texans was in favor of the Browns, 45-14. With a completion percentage of 16 out of 21, C.J. Stroud threw for 274 yards and three touchdowns.

At the conclusion of the game, he had a quarterback rating of 157.2 and had not selected any passes.

During his six receptions, Nico Collins amassed 96 yards, with an average of 16.0 yards gained per catch. When it came to rushing, Devin Singletary led the Texans with 13 carries for 66 yards, which is equivalent to an average of 5.1 yards per carry.

When the final whistle blew, they had completed 44 plays, which resulted in a total of 356 yards. Following the conclusion of the game, the Houston Texans tried 22 rushes, resulting in 76 yards, which is equivalent to an average of 3.5 yards per attempt.

When it came to the rush, the Texans allowed a total of 56 yards on 20 rush attempts, which is equivalent to 2.8 yards per run allowed. There were 34 completions out of 46 attempts, which resulted in a completion rate of 73.9% and a total of 268 yards for Houston.

Within the current season, the Texans have amassed a total of 5,820 yards. The Houston Texans have a total of 215 first downs, 114 penalties for 937 yards, and 114 penalties overall. Regarding the number of touchdowns scored, Houston has scored 10 touchdowns on the ground and 27 touchdowns through the air.

They have made 14 errors in the way they have handled the ball, including six fumbles and eight interceptions. They have an average of 96.9 yards per play in the run game, which places them in 22nd place in the league for offensive efficiency. The Houston Texans have the highest scoring average in the National Basketball Association (NBA), averaging 22.2 points.

The Texans have a total of 3,979 yards allowed in the air, which places them in the 23rd spot in the NFL in terms of yards allowed. According to their statistics, they have allowed a completion rate of 67.6% and have given up 234.1 yards per game through the air.

The average number of yards allowed per game for them this season is 330.7, which places them in the fourteenth spot in the National Football League.

Over the course of this season, they have allowed opponents to gain an average of 3.5 yards per rush and 96.6 yards on the ground. As of the seventeen games played so far in this season, they have allowed opponents to gain 1,643 yards on the ground. The Texans are ranked eleventh in the league for scoring defense, because their opponents score 20.8 points per game against them.

Texans Betting Insights

  • In the postseason, Houston had a perfect record of 1-0, while during the regular season, they had a perfect record of 9-8-0 against the spread.
  • The Texans have a dismal season against the spread (ATS) record of 0-1 when they are 9 points or more underdogs in either the regular season or the playoffs.
  • The total number of points scored in Houston games exceeded the threshold six times during the regular season and once during the postseason.
  • This season, Houston has a record of 0-1 against the spread when playing away from home as a 9-point or higher underdog.
  • During the current season, the Texans’ away games have averaged 42.1 points, which is 1.4 points lower than the over/under for the game, which is 43.5.
  • Throughout the regular season, Houston was the underdog nine times, and they emerged victorious in five of those matchups.
  • During the regular season as well as during the playoffs, the Texans have been underdogs equal to or greater than +320, and they have been unsuccessful in those games.

Houston’s Stats & Performance

Stat Average (Total) Rank
Pass yards 245.5 (4,173) 7
Rush yards 96.9 (1,647) 22
Points scored 22.2 (377) 13
Pass yards against 234.1 (3,979) 23
Rush yards against 96.6 (1,643) 6
Points allowed 20.8 (353) 11

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