Texas Tech vs Baylor Betting prediction and wagering odds for this game set for March 9, 2024. Place a bet on this college basketball game now.

Texas Tech vs Baylor Betting Odds

These are the Texas Tech vs Baylor Betting odds:

BAYLOR +2 +115 Over 147.5
TEXAS TECH -2 -135 Under 147.5

Texas Tech vs Baylor Betting Prediction

Here is our Texas Tech vs Baylor Betting prediction.

The game between Baylor (22-8 SU, 17-9-3 ATS, 11-6 B12) and Texas Tech (21-9 SU, 13-16-1 ATS, 10-7 B12) will take place in Lubbock on Saturday at 6 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) at United Supermarkets Arena. A Big 12 matchup is going to take place.

Baylor is currently in third place in the Big 12 with a record of 11-6, same as Kansas and Texas Tech, who finish in fourth place.

Both of these teams will be competing in Waco on February 6th. As a 6-point favorite, the Bears prevailed with a score of 79–73. In the game for the Bears, RayJ Dennis had a total of 21 points and five assists. Joe Toussaint led the Red Raiders in scoring with 18 points and served as an assister with six goals.

Baylor Bears Betting Prediction

First, we have the Texas Tech vs Baylor Betting prediction for the Bears.

Over the course of the past five years, Baylor has won an average of 25 games every year, so the fact that they are currently 22-8 at this stage in the season is a bit of a disappointment.

They are heading into this matchup having won three games in a row and five of the past seven games they have played. On February 26, the Bears defeated the Horned Frogs by a score of 62–54.

Two days later, they defeated Kansas by a score of 82–74, and then on Monday night, which was also Senior Night, they defeated Texas by a score of 93–85 at home.

Over the course of the first quarter of an hour, they struggled to compete with the Longhorns. However, when the game was coming to a close, they embarked on a run of 21-2 scores and limited the Longhorns to a field goal percentage of 0-11.

Jalen Bridges led the Bears in scoring with 32 points and grabbing nine rebounds to lead the organization. In addition to his 16 points, Dennis also contributed eight assists. From the field, Baylor was successful in 53% of their shots, and they were successful in 69% (9 of 13) of their long range shots. Additionally, they made 34 of the 42 free throws they attempted, which is an 81% success rate.

The most current Bracketology analysis from Joe Lunardi places Baylor in third place in the Western Conference. The NCAA Net Rankings place Baylor in thirteenth place.

With an average of 82 points scored per game, the Bears’ offense is quite powerful. They shoot 49% from the field, which ranks them 18th, and 40.3% from long range, which places them third.

The outstanding rookie leader for this team is Ja’Kobe Walter, who averages 14.7 points per game, grabs 4.5 rebounds, and shoots 38.2% from the field and 33.5% from beyond the arc. In addition to his 13.5 points and 6.8 assists, Dennis is successful in 49.8 percent of his shoots and in 37 percent of his long-range shots.

The Bears’ defense has been struggling throughout this season. They allow 71.3 points per game and shoot 45.4% from the field (33.6% from three-point range). To finish off the list, they have a Rebound Rate of 54.4%, which places them 19th overall.

Since the 20th of February, Langston Love has not participated in a game after averaging 11.1 points per game. This game may not be one in which he is able to participate.

Texas Tech Red Raiders Betting Prediction

Second, we have the Texas Tech vs Baylor Betting prediction for the Red Raiders.

His statement indicated that the Red Raiders have earned the eighth seed in the Midwest region of the NCAA Tournament. Despite the fact that they are ranked number 36 in the NCAA Net Rankings, they have been defeated by Quad 1 teams in four of their eight games. They will unquestionably be able to participate in the competition, and their position may improve if they are successful here.

This would also be beneficial to their seeding in the Big 12 Tournament. Texas Tech claimed victories over Oklahoma State and West Virginia by margins of more than ten points in each of their most recent two contests.

Although it was not a particularly impressive victory, the fact that they had lost three of their previous four games prior to traveling to Morgantown could have been detrimental to their chances of enrolling in the NCAA.

Tuesday was the day that they defeated the Cowboys away from home, with Pop Isaacs scoring 19 points and Darrion Williams scoring 18 points against them. OSU was only able to hit 13 of 14 shots from long range in the first half, and the Red Raiders were having a 38–17 lead at the intermission.

If we look at the overall rankings, Texas Tech comes in at number thirty. When corrected for offensive efficiency, it ranks 21st, while when adjusted for defensive efficiency, it ranks 64th. Both rankings are adjusted for efficiency.

Although Isaacs has had a difficult time shooting the ball, it appears that he may have found his shooting groove against the Cowboys, as he went 7 for 11 from the field today. However, he only shoots 35.3% from the field and 29.7% from long range, despite the fact that he averages 15.9 points a game. In addition to that, he averages 3.6 assists per game.

Toussaint has a score of 12.4 points and 4 assists, and he makes 41.6% of the shots he takes, including 31.1% of his three-point shots. The Red Raiders average 75.9 points per game, with 45.4% of their shots and 36.4% of their long-range shots being successful.

To be more specific, 42.7% of the shots that they let to enter come from within the arc, while 32.5% come from long range. They have a comeback rate of 50.5%, which places them 155th in the organization. Because of a foot ailment, it is possible that center Warren Washington will not be able to participate in today’s game. The 12th of February was the last time he played.

Texas Tech vs Baylor Betting Pick

In spite of the fact that this is a terrific deal, I will be going with Texas Tech because they are in greater need of it at the moment. They played Baylor for the first time, and they were a formidable opponent. They had a record of 14-2 at home. The Red Raiders have a long-range shooting percentage of 36.4% when they are playing at home.

An individual like Isaacs, who has been going through a difficult period as of late, could benefit from some delicious home cuisine. When they are away from home, they only make 43.4% of their shots from the field and 33.4% of their three-point shots.

When it comes to defense, Texas Tech is quite good; they only allow 29.2% of three-point shots to leave the court. This is the Red Raiders’ final home game, and they should win it.

  • Texas Tech vs Baylor Betting Prediction: Red Raiders to cover.

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