Titans at Colts Week 5 Betting preview, including odds and predictions for this game that is set to take place on October 8, 2023.

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Week 5 betting odds for the Titans vs. Colts

Week 5 betting odds for the Titans vs. Colts are as follows:

Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts Week 5 Betting Predictions Tennessee Titans PK Indianapolis Colts PK Total: 42.5

Week 5 betting predictions for the Titans vs. Colts game.

Week 5 betting prediction for the Titans vs. Colts: Tennessee

Tennessee’s Week 5 betting pick for the Titans vs. Colts.

This season, the Tennessee Titans had a 2-2 record. The Titans defeated the Bengals 27-3 in their most recent matchup. With 18 of 25 completions for 240 yards and 1 touchdown, Ryan Tannehill was successful. By the end of the game, he had a quarterback rating of 98.7 and had thrown one interception.

Derrick Henry, who had 22 carries for a total of 122 yards (averaging 5.5 yards per carry), was the Titans’ top rusher. DeAndre Hopkins averaged 15.8 yards per catch for a total of 63 yards on 4 catches. Averaging 5.2 yards per carry, the Tennessee Titans carried the ball 33 times for a total of 173 yards.

They ran 62 plays for a total of 400 yards when the game was ended. Out of 30 tries, Tennessee allowed 20 successful passes. 139 yards were gained overall, and the completion rate was 66.7%. In 18 attempts, the Titans gave up 72 yards on the ground, averaging 4.0 yards per carry.

When it comes to scoring, the Tennessee Titans average 18.0 points per game. When running the ball, they rank 15th in the NFL with an average of 111.0 yards. The Titans have amassed 1,120 yards thus far this season. The 26 penalties Tennessee has committed have cost them 197 yards while they have 33 first downs.

They have lost the ball four times in a row. Six times in total, Tennessee has entered the end zone: three times through the air and three times on the ground.

The Titans are currently ranked 23rd in football due to their 965 passing yards allowed. They allow the opposing team to complete 70.8% of their throws and pass for 241.3 yards per game. With 311.3 yards allowed per game this season, they are now ranked 12th in the NFL.

This season, opposing teams are averaging 2.9 yards per rush and 70 yards per game when they run. They have already allowed 280 yards on the run in 4 games this season. The Titans are ranked sixth in the league for team defense. Every game, they allow 17.5 points.

Titans Gambling Tips

Tennessee has won three of its four games this season against the spread.
In Tennessee games this season, the over hit in one of every four games with fixed point totals (25%)
For the first time this season, Tennessee is on the field as the moneyline favorite.
The Titans have yet to take the field as a moneyline favorite at -122 or less.

Tennessee’s Stats & Performance

Stat Average (Total) Rank
Pass yards 169 (676) 28
Rush yards 111 (444) 15
Points scored 18 (72) 23
Pass yards against 241.3 (965) 23
Rush yards against 70 (280) 4
Points allowed 17.5 (70) 8

Week 5 betting prediction for the Titans vs. Colts: Indianapolis

Week 5 betting prediction for Indianapolis: Titans vs. Colts.

Going into this game, the Colts’ season record is 2-2. The Colts’ most recent football game ended in a 29-23 loss to the Rams for the Colts. With 18 carries for 70 yards by Zack Moss, Indianapolis averaged 3.9 yards per run. One of the key targets for the Colts was Andrew Ogletree.

For a total of 48 yards on 3 receptions, he averaged 16.0 yards per catch. Anthony Richardson had passed for 200 yards and two touchdowns by the time the game was over. He had a 98.7 quarterback rating. He didn’t throw any interceptions, and each ball he completed averaged 8.0 yards.

Indianapolis allowed 36 individuals to carry the ball for 164 yards total (4.6 yards per carry). The Colts’ pass defense allowed 27 of 40 attempts, or 67.5%, to be completed for 303 yards. The Colts finished the game with 329 yards on 58 plays, or 5.7 yards per play. Over the course of the game, Indianapolis carried the ball 133 times for an average gain of 4.3 yards.

The Indianapolis Colts average 322.3 yards per game, which ranks them 16th in the league. They have rushed for a total of 463 yards, averaging 115.8 yards per game. They have allowed the opposing team to recover three fumbles while throwing one interception. 44 first downs have been made.

26 flags have been raised against the Indianapolis offense, totaling 188 penalty yards. When it comes to surrendering free yards, this places them 17th in the NFL. The Colts have thrown for a total of 826 yards this season, averaging 206.5 yards per contest. They now rank 18th in receiving yards among all NFL teams. The Colts now rank 14th in the league for scoring with an average of 24.3 points per game.

Due to their 24.8 points per game allowed, the Colts are placed 22nd in the league. They are now worst in the league with 263.8 yards and 5 TDs allowed through the air per game. This season, Indianapolis has allowed opposing teams to rush for a total of 507 yards (126.8 yards per game) and 6 touchdowns.

298 plays, the 32nd-most in the NFL, have seen the Colts defense on the field. Their defense has forced 6 turnovers this year, including 2 interceptions and 4 fumble recoveries. They have surrendered a total of 99 points this season.

Colts Gambling Perspectives

Indianapolis has won against the spread twice in its last four games.
The Colts have only covered the spread once (in two tries) all season when they were underdogs by 1.5 points or more.
In three of their four games this season, Indianapolis has scored more points than the allowed amount (75% of which had a set number of points).
Three times this season, Indianapolis has been the underdog, and they have won one of those games.
The Colts are 0-1 in games in which they entered as underdogs by +102 or more this season.

Indianapolis’ Stats & Performance

Stat Average (Total) Rank
Pass yards 206.5 (826) 18
Rush yards 115.8 (463) 14
Points scored 24.3 (97) 14
Pass yards against 263.8 (1,055) 28
Rush yards against 126.8 (507) 23
Points allowed 24.8 (99) 22

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