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Villanova vs Marquette Betting Odds

These are the Villanova vs Marquette Betting odds:

VILLANOVA +4 +160 Over 139
MARQUETTE -4 -180 Under 139

Villanova vs Marquette Betting Prediction

Here is our Villanova vs Marquette Betting prediction.

In their first trip to Madison Square Garden, the #6 Villanova Wildcats (18-14; 17-15-0 ATS) were able to make it through the game. The game took place on Wednesday night. In order to win the reward, they will compete against the third-ranked Marquette Golden Eagles (23-8; 18-12-1 against the spread) on Thursday.

At 9:30 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, these teams will clash for the third time. The three times that Marquette defeated the Wildcats during the regular season, they were victorious. This time, will Villanova come out on top?

Villanova Wildcats Betting Prediction

First, we have the Villanova vs Marquette Betting prediction for the Wildcats.

During this week, Nova may be the only team that has committed an offense that has harmed their chances of qualifying for the NCAA Tournament while they were competing for victory. By making a three-point shot with ten seconds remaining, they were able to defeat the DePaul Blue Demons by a score of 58–57.

After suffering a loss against that kind of team by a single point, the appropriate individuals are typically not motivated. The fact that the Wildcats prevented DePaul from making more than forty percent of their shots is a reason for optimism.

The KenPom rankings have Villanova in the 28th spot, while the net rankings place them at the 33rd spot. Consequently, this indicates that they ought to be able to defeat the best teams, right? When it comes to defense, this describes the Wildcats in a particularly accurate manner. With a scoring average of 65.6 points per game, they have allowed the second fewest points in the conference thus far this season.

As a result of the Wildcats’ efforts, their opponents were only able to make 41.1% of their shots overall, 32.6% of their three-point shots, and 15.0 free throws per game. The edge that Nova held in turnovers was +1.4, and the advantage in rebounds was +0.8. Will they be able to regain their strength?

A more effective attack is required here. The team had the second-lowest scoring average in the conference, averaging 71.1 points per game. Not a single one of their three consecutive games has seen them score more than 70 points. They were only successful in 31.4% of their shots from beyond the arc, and they were only successful in three of their final six free throw attempts.

Throughout the course of the season, Nova was successful in making 42.8% of their field goals, 34.4% of their three-point shots, and 81.9% of their free throws. The average number of times they turned the ball over was 9.5, which was lower than any other team in the Big East.

However, they had the fewest offensive rebounds than any other team in the league, at 8.7. The success of Villanova in this game is highly dependent on how well their offensive performs. This game is incredibly vital for Villanova.

Marquette Golden Eagles Betting Prediction

Now, we have the Villanova vs Marquette Betting prediction for the Golden Eagles.

It was a strong season for Marquette, despite the fact that they had some ailments, as they finished with a record of 14-6 in conference play. Without Tyler Kolek, who was named to the All-BIG EAST First Team, they will have to find a way to get by once more.

Despite the fact that the team is well-balanced, the offense is likely to suffer the most in his absence. Additionally, he averaged 7.6 assists per game for a squad that averaged 79.2 points per game they played.

Seventy-eight percent of the Golden Eagles’ free throws and forty-eight percent of their field goal attempts were successful. Due to the fact that he was so skilled with the ball, the Marquette squad only turned the ball over 10.2 times on average each game. On offense, they ended up with 8.9 rebounds. By Thursday, what are they going to be able to accomplish?

At the same time, the defense of the Golden Eagles was quite formidable; they only allowed their opponents to score 69.8 points per game. From the field, they were successful in 42.8% of their shots, while they made 34.5% of their three-point shots. The average number of free throws that Marquette allowed its opponents to make was 15.8.

During the current season, Marquette had a turnover ratio of +4.9, which was the most of any other Big East team. The fact that they scored 15.1 points per game, which was the highest in the league, is a factor that helps. The Golden Eagles had a -2.6 rebounding percentage when it came to the game. I am interested in seeing how they begin the playoffs.

Villanova vs Marquette Betting Pick

Marquette scored 87 points in their first game against Villanova, which was their inaugural game. On the second occasion, the Golden Eagles posted a score of 85 points.

In the event that Marquette scores 80 points once more, Nova will be unable to stay up with them. The fact that they performed so poorly on Wednesday is not going to change.

For the second consecutive month, Marquette will cover the spread, just as they did in both of their games in January. There is no denying that the Golden Eagles enjoy shooting and committing turnovers. It is not going to be a competitive game since Marquette is strong even when they are not playing their best players.

  • Villanova vs Marquette Betting Pick: Golden Eagles Cover.

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