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Xavier vs Connecticut Betting Prediction

Here is our Xavier vs Connecticut Betting prediction.

You read that correctly: the number one UConn Huskies (28-3; 20-11-0 against the spread) are now prepared to compete in the Big East Tournament. They will take on the #9 Xavier Musketeers (16-16; 16-15-1 against the spread) on Thursday at 12:00.

The Huskies, who are currently the defending national champions, were victorious over the Musketeers in each of their three regular season games. When it comes to the top seed in the conference, will they be able to make it three wins in a row, or does Xavier have a surprise in store for them?

Xavier Musketeers Betting Prediction

First we have the Xavier vs Connecticut Betting prediction for the Musketeers.

The majority of the game that took place on Wednesday against Butler was a close contest. On the other side, Xavier was able to secure a victory by 76–72 by gaining the lead late in the game and making clutch defensive plays. A total of 46.3% of their shots from the floor were successful, and they had three more rebounds than they did mistakes.

KenPom places Xavier in the 53rd position, but the net scores place him in the 64th position. That defense allowed 74.2 points per game, despite the fact that the game played at a rapid pace.

Do not, however, take into consideration the games that UConn has already played (80-75 and 99-56). Fourty-three point one percent of the time, the Musketeers allowed their opponents to shoot.

In each game, they were successful in making 33.5% of their three-point shots and 18.8 free throws. While Xavier had a -0.1 turnover advantage, they enjoyed a +2.6 rebounding advantage. We’ll wait till Thursday to see how they go.

The Musketeers, on the other hand, had a quick assault that allowed them to score 76.4 points per individual game. Olivari had the highest average amount of points scored per game, which was 19.5.

To put it into perspective, Xavier was successful in 43.7% of their field goal attempts, 34.5% of their three-point shots, and 74.1% of their free throws.
They had the highest percentage of free throws made each game in the Big East, which was 20.4 on average.

The Xavier team had a total of 12.2 offensive rebounds and 11.6 times every game that they lost possession of the ball. It would be a first for them to score more points than the University of Connecticut this season.

Uconn Huskies Betting Prediction

Now we have the Xavier vs Connecticut Betting prediction for the Huskies.

With a record of 18–2 in the Big East, the University of Connecticut won the whole season. This top-three club in KenPom’s ratings and net standings is prepared to do what they were unable to do after the previous season.

Get to the top of the Big East rankings. On offense, the Huskies have a lot of depth this year, which is something that shines through. In the conference, the University of Connecticut had the highest scoring average (81.1 points per game), made the most field goals (49.2%), and hit the most three-pointers (36.6%).

Despite having one of the fastest speeds in the country, the squad was still able to score those valuable points. They made 73.9% of their free throws, turned the ball over 9.9 times a game, and grabbed 12.2 offensive boards. The Huskies were successful in all of these areas.

Would it be possible for the school from Storrs to organize another one during the months of March and April?

However, on the other side of the floor, the University of Connecticut allowed the fewest points per game of any team in the conference. Marquette, a team that makes it into the top 10 of the Associated Press rankings, was one of their previous four opponents who did not score more than 70 points.

The Huskies were able to keep their opponents to a score of 64.0 points in each game. They made 39.8 percent of their shots from the field and 31.7 percent of their three-point shots, which together are the highest percentages in the conference.

The number of free throw attempts that UConn allowed was 18.8, the team had the highest rebounding margin (+8.7) in the Big East, and the team had the most turnovers (+1.0). The postseason was a lot of fun the year before; let’s see how things go this time around.

Xavier vs Connecticut Betting Pick

UConn prevailed over Xavier in the first round by a score of 80 points. The Huskies finished the second game with a total of 99 points scored. An unfavorable sign for Thursday’s game is the fact that the Musketeers’ defense has been the best in the league for the majority of the season.

In the event that the Huskies score 80 points or more once more, the attack of Xavier will be unable to keep up with them. UConn also boasts the strongest defense in the Big East, which is a major plus.

It is also important for the Huskies to improve their rebounding and their tendency to make mistakes. There are others who believe that the Huskies have a sense of belonging in The Garden. That is going to become abundantly evident on Thursday. It is highly probable that Northeastern University will cover the spread.

  • Xavier vs Connecticut Betting Pick: UConn Covers

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