Xavier vs Marquette Betting prediction and wagering odds for this game set for March 9, 2024. Place a bet on this college basketball game now.

Xavier vs Marquette Betting Odds

These are the Xavier vs Marquette Betting odds:

MARQUETTE -3 -150 Over 157.5
XAVIER +3 +130 Under 157.5

Xavier vs Marquette Betting Prediction

Here is our Xavier vs Marquette Betting prediction.

At this point in time, the Marquette Golden Eagles are playing their final game of the regular season. The Xavier Musketeers are going to be their opponent on the road this coming Saturday. At this point in the season, we had gone 22-8 overall and 13-6 in Big East play. They have now tied for second place in the conference standings as a result of their two consecutive losses.

In the Big East, the Musketeers have suffered nine consecutive defeats in their previous ten games, with their most recent defeat being at Butler. In total, they have a record of 15/15. The Musketeers are currently in seventh place in the Big East Conference. The first tap will take place around five o’clock in the afternoon Eastern Standard Time.

Marquette Golden Eagles Betting Prediction

First, we have the Xavier vs Marquette Betting prediction for the Golden Eagles.

It is imperative that the Marquette Golden Eagles win their final game before the conclusion of the Big East regular season. This is due to the fact that they are dealing with injuries and a challenging schedule at the end of the season. UConn, ranked number two, defeated the Golden Eagles by a score of 74–67 in their home stadium on Wednesday night.

This represents the Hawks’ second consecutive victory over Marquette in the current season. The Huskies had a 14-point lead at the break in the game. The Golden Eagles’ defense became more resolute in the second half of the game, but it was not enough to win the game.

Oso Ighodaro led the team in scoring with 16 points, while Kam Jones led the team in scoring with 18 points. As a result of an oblique injury, Marquette’s point guard and leading scorer, Tyler Kolek, was not available for play once more. It is possible that he will not be able to participate in the Big East Tournament.

In preparation for the Big East Tournament, which will take place the following weekend, the Golden Eagles would like to have some confidence. In order to accomplish this, they must defeat Xavier on Saturday.

Going into this match, they have scored five points, which places them fifth in the Big East. It is the third most field goals that they make, and the fifth most three-point shots that they take.

They also rank seventh in terms of the number of three-point field goals they make per game. As of this season, the Golden Eagles have a position of eighth in the Big East in terms of stopping points.

They have a seventh-place ranking in defense against field goals and a sixth-place ranking in defense against three-pointers. They have the fewest turnovers in the league and the tenth most rebounds per game in the league.

Golden Eagles Key Injuries: Kolek is out.

Xavier Musketeers Betting Prediction

Second, we have the Xavier vs Marquette Betting prediction for the Musketeers.

On Wednesday night, the Xavier Musketeers fell to a record of.500 after suffering a defeat at the hands of Butler, which they suffered by a score of 72–66 on the road. After suffering the defeat, they have a record of 15–15 overall and 9–10 in the Big East.

During the first half, the Bulldogs went on a run that was 17-0, which gave them a significant lead. During the remaining portion of the game, they would only get within five points of winning.

A. Desmond Claude led the Musketeers in scoring with 17 points, 13 of which came in the first half of the game. Both Dayvion McKnight and Quincy Olivari scored 13 points during a game that they were unable to win. Olivari also grabbed nine boards during the game.

Unless the Musketeers have an extraordinary run through the Big East Tournament and end up winning the tournament, their greatest chance of making the playoffs is through the National Invitational Tournament (NIT).

However, in order to get there, they need to win at least one or two games. It is possible for them to begin by returning to Marquette, where they suffered a defeat by a score of 14 points on February 25.

The Musketeers have scored the fourth most points in the Big East this season, which places them in fourth place. Their field goal percentage is eighth, yet their three-point attempt percentage is merely tenth.

During the current season, the Musketeers have converted the ninth-most three-point shots in the league. When compared to other teams in the league, they have the ninth best score defense.

Their defense has a field goal defense that ranks seventh, and their defense against three-point shots ranks tenth. The average number of boards they have per game places them in fourth place in the Big East. After Marquette, they have the second-highest turnover rate in the Big East, which is only behind Marquette.

Musketeers Key Injuries: F Sasa Ciani is questionable.

Xavier vs Marquette Betting Pick

When it comes to Saturday’s game against the Musketeers, there is a significant probability that the Golden Eagles will be able to prevail even without Kolek. At home, the Golden Eagles prevailed by a score of 14 points in the game that took place on February 25. Despite the fact that Kolek won’t be returning until after the Big East Tournament, Marquette is still in the process of aiming for the number two slot in the NCAA Tournament.

In spite of this, they will need to finish the season on a good note. As a result of the Golden Eagles’ ability to commit the fewest turnovers per game, the Big East has determined that they are the most efficient offensive team.

Due to the fact that Marquette is more proficient at shooting the ball than Xavier, this will be a very significant factor in this game. Xavier is only eighth in the Big East when it comes to making three-point shots, while Marquette is #1 in the league. The Musketeers were the opponent in the first game, and Kam Jones scored 34 points against them. I believe that he will do the same thing in this game.

  • Xavier vs Marquette Betting Prediction: Take the Golden Eagles.

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